From Oil & Gas to Digital Industry

Once in 2010, while I came to the first course of Industrial Engineering Introduction, an inspiring Lecturer called Pak Bagyo ask each of students there about where do you want to work after graduate from Industrial Engineering Universitas Gadjah Mada. Lot of my friend said; Manufacturing company, Banking, Consulting, bla bla, then he came to me and ask “How about you?”. Proudly said ” Im dreaming to work in Oil & Gas Industry“.

Just a give simple glimpse, I have an uncle that inspire me a lot to work in energy Industry. Travel a lot to some restricted area in Indonesia make me so interest to be like him. Besides that, he also the one that advice me to choose Industrial Enginering for academic major, since he told me IE can be work on flexible area.

So, after saying that statement, I feel that I have a responsibility to make it come true. Because basically i am person who always try to make my  word or promise happens. Then, besides learning about Industrial Engineering, I also add some exposure to learn about Oil & Gas with doing some outside activity after the campus

  • Being a commitee of Oil & Gas National Students Conference & Competition
  • Join Oil & Gas National Students Competition held by UGM Gadjah mada oil & gas club, and Awarded as Top 5 Team represented Faculty of Engineering UGM
  • Selected as Practical Trainee Student in Chevron Pacific Indonesia
  • Doing Graduate research of ” Peramalan Konsumsi Gas Nasional dengan skenario Konversi BBM To BBG”
  • Selected in University Partnership Program UGM – Chevron in Duri, Sumatera
  • Appreciated as Best Presentator in Final Evaluation UPP Chevron

Im giving my best for my dream, and I almost there. in 18 November 2015, Chevron called me to offer 2 Open Position, Planning Specialist or Drilling Site Manager, and would like to arrange a final interview with me in Jakarta. 24 November 2015, I was there, in Head office Chevron Indonesia, already prepared the best for my final interview, But its rainy, and yes the interview didnt work very well.

I was waiting in days, in weeks, in a month from 24 November-24 December with afraidness. But theres no answer. and until, one day, one of  my trusted collegue tell me that I am failed. I am frustrated, brokenhearted, feels like my life was over. The dream from 4 years ago is gone! after giving my best, after giving all the things..

3 Jan 2016, he came to me, and said, you will get the second chance. I am so excited, really! then I wake up to prepare again, prepare my very best. But then 1 week, news coming that said Oil price is getting lower & thats means Oil & Gas Company will stop the recruitment for a while, include Chevron. It makes more pain for me.

My parents came to me and said you need to wake up & try another opprtunity. So, I was trying to explore any job vacancy in Jakarta. After 2 weeks, one of my collegua recommend me to eCommerce company. I was interviewed by ex-Consultants of AT kearney & Accenture. that was really hard & awesome, and thanks God I passed. So, I start my first job in aCommerce Indonesia as Project Manager.

1 month, 2 month, 3 months , I still hope for Chevron but the oil price condition getting worse. and after 3 months, I knew that i cant be like this anytime, didnt focus on my job because of Chevron. So, I decided to move on. Im giving my best in my current job as PM. learn a lot about supply chain, digital marketing, and website development. and thats wow! awesome! I start to love my job.

I did very well. Some of my clients appreciated my work. I also trusted for handling bigger project with Zalora, Blibli, Hewlett Packard, Frisian Flag. that was so challengefull for me and I like that!

In November 2016, I get 2 offerings from my previous client to work in their company. surprisingly, one is energy company which works in geothermal services and the other one is digital company (Home Tester Club, my current company). I have 2 weeks for considering these jobs offering, and the first time I was thinking to choose the energy company, because I want to continue the dream again in oil & gas industry. But, after pray on my knees, I decide to continue what already sharpened me until this time & leave my past/ ambition to be in energy industry, taking a risk in start up company, explore the new world and reaching my future dream as digital consultant & entrepreneur.

I know many challenges & uncertainty in the future, But I Know I have a God, a Father that always there for me, to give a beautiful plan on my life.


Yeremia 29:11

For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord, plans for welfare[a] and not for evil, to give you a future and a hope.







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