The essence to be Christian is to love

In here, I would like to bring a perspective, not a paradigm, or even religion rules as i am not a pastor or someone like that. But, I am trying to share as max as i can along my 23 years journey of being Christian  with some additional experience for serving My Father as Chief of Rohkris SMAN 21, Winner of Sermon Contest in Jakarta Area, Worship Leader, Song Writer of MenghidupiMu dihidupku. (I know, 95% of you wont believe on that, since everyone who see me always said that im such a bad person LOL)

Anyway, I am Christian, and what makes me proud to be christian is because I love & believe what Jesus teach to the world. If bible can be summarized, I believe its all about Love. what kind of love?

  • love your God with all your heart and strength
  • love other like your self
  • love your enemies and pray for them
  • love your job

and He is the God that not only teach us but also inspire us, he prove his unconditional love for us with

  • came to the world
  • Healed all who sicks and brokenheart
  • Forgive that hurt him
  • Died for people

thats why I believe in Him

do you think love is easy? prove it when you

  • betrayed
  • rejected
  • judged
  • leaved

Hope the world surrounded by love

Happy Sunday








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