I just want you to know how much you mean for me

Night, after presentation meeting, a different message coming from someone who never absent to say “Good  Morning” , “dont forget to eat”, “you look so tired, just take a rest”, “dont come back home so late, take care of your health” , “I always pray for you so you can be shining in every thing you do”

she touch this deepest heart that day with saying

“Jangan menyerah, kejar cita-citamu ya nak”

these eyes getting to red, as she knows what really matters in life, my dreams. and she always there like want to say,”I know you can”, “Ill always be there for you”

Mom, how lucky I am to have such a great mom like you in my life,  someone who really loves me more than everything, who never give up on me, who accept me as i am, who believe in me..even I never give back the love as much as you give to me; sometimes lately reply your message, never there for you when you miss me, disappoint you with what i say and what I do.

But,deeply in my heart, I just want you to know that you really mean to me, theres none like you and my really cup of tea woman that im looking for, its you, as you are




full of commitment

loving God with all the heart

beautiful inside

love to smile



work hard

willing to sacrifice


willing to love and forgive

this love is given to you, My Inspiration, My Super Mom











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