People always think abut right and wrong. But for me, wrong is the new right. Anyone want us to do this and this. A preferance of what they see.

this is the journey of the different one
his world was so differento
the way he takes the decision
the way he loves
even the way people see him

Its right when you make a decision based on what they think
But do they know that life is not designed for the right
its for make a choice

What you eat
who you love
what the song that complete you
what your past & future ahead

i Know
im taking different way in my life
but will you do a favor
to appreciate the life i created for
the sacrifice i made

My Creator,
can I ask you?
Pls make them understand that im born different.


Christ is enough for me

In my way to seek all the answer of my question..

In my way to find the happiness in the world..

In every tears fall down from my eyes..

In every disappointment I get from the people I love..

There is a beautiful song sounded

“Christ is enough for me..

Christ is enough for me..

Everything I need is in You..

Everything I need..”







A Story of Flightless Bird

This is a story of Flightless Bird, who was a Strong Bird before. He has a partner that he really loves along the time. They grow together, do everything together, dream together, and fly around the world. Until one time,they fly to a place that was so dark, full of big trees; they dont even know where they are. At the moment, they found that some of bird hunters looking for them, fastly they tried to escape them. To make his lovely bird save, The strong bird fly behind her. When  they thought they already far away from the hunters, suddenly, one shoot came from nowhere hits the right wings of the strong bird. He felt away and saw his lovely bird just be quiet and dont do anything. He also saw the eyes full of afraidness from his lovely bird. A moment later, another bird coming to show her the other way and tried to persuade the lovely bird that the strong bird will die and no future inside him. Then, she left him lonely and helpless.

The strong bird became a flightless bird. With pouring blood, he wake up, tried to walk with all of his strength with tears fall down from his eyes as he know he was leaved and betrayed by the only one happiness in his life. In the time he almost give up, then coming an auhentic bird with a beautifull eyes reach and try to help him. she listen to all his stories with full heart, she heals his scars and teach him how to fly again.  Time flies, and he realizes something change, the authentic bird now already replace the lovely bird in his heart, and his mind.

One day, he came to the authentic bird with bringing her favorite foods and saying..

“I dont know what will happen if you dont came that day. But, since you came to my life, all things change, you make me live again, you colouring the heart that was lonely before, you give me hope and bring the happiness inside. Im flying here cause i want you to know that i love you, as much as this, as much as my effort to fly higher to reach you with my limitation .  I just want you to know that i love you now and forever”

With the silence, She just said “Why?”

He replied gently

“Because its You..

You there when I need a breath, I almost lose my life, I dont believe in love anymore, when I need someone to understand the language of my feelings..

And you are the only medicine of my broken heart & wings..

And I cant find any reason for not loving you, I just find all reason to love you

As I love your warm soul..

Your strong character

Your uniqness

Your toughness

Your imagination

Your dreams

Your quiet

Your simplicity

Your inteligence brain

And the most important thing is the eyes when you look at me that tell million stories I want to know..

*To be continued*

I just want you to know how much you mean for me

Night, after presentation meeting, a different message coming from someone who never absent to say “Good  Morning” , “dont forget to eat”, “you look so tired, just take a rest”, “dont come back home so late, take care of your health” , “I always pray for you so you can be shining in every thing you do”

she touch this deepest heart that day with saying

“Jangan menyerah, kejar cita-citamu ya nak”

these eyes getting to red, as she knows what really matters in life, my dreams. and she always there like want to say,”I know you can”, “Ill always be there for you”

Mom, how lucky I am to have such a great mom like you in my life,  someone who really loves me more than everything, who never give up on me, who accept me as i am, who believe in me..even I never give back the love as much as you give to me; sometimes lately reply your message, never there for you when you miss me, disappoint you with what i say and what I do.

But,deeply in my heart, I just want you to know that you really mean to me, theres none like you and my really cup of tea woman that im looking for, its you, as you are




full of commitment

loving God with all the heart

beautiful inside

love to smile



work hard

willing to sacrifice


willing to love and forgive

this love is given to you, My Inspiration, My Super Mom










From Oil & Gas to Digital Industry

Once in 2010, while I came to the first course of Industrial Engineering Introduction, an inspiring Lecturer called Pak Bagyo ask each of students there about where do you want to work after graduate from Industrial Engineering Universitas Gadjah Mada. Lot of my friend said; Manufacturing company, Banking, Consulting, bla bla, then he came to me and ask “How about you?”. Proudly said ” Im dreaming to work in Oil & Gas Industry“.

Just a give simple glimpse, I have an uncle that inspire me a lot to work in energy Industry. Travel a lot to some restricted area in Indonesia make me so interest to be like him. Besides that, he also the one that advice me to choose Industrial Enginering for academic major, since he told me IE can be work on flexible area.

So, after saying that statement, I feel that I have a responsibility to make it come true. Because basically i am person who always try to make my  word or promise happens. Then, besides learning about Industrial Engineering, I also add some exposure to learn about Oil & Gas with doing some outside activity after the campus

  • Being a commitee of Oil & Gas National Students Conference & Competition
  • Join Oil & Gas National Students Competition held by UGM Gadjah mada oil & gas club, and Awarded as Top 5 Team represented Faculty of Engineering UGM
  • Selected as Practical Trainee Student in Chevron Pacific Indonesia
  • Doing Graduate research of ” Peramalan Konsumsi Gas Nasional dengan skenario Konversi BBM To BBG”
  • Selected in University Partnership Program UGM – Chevron in Duri, Sumatera
  • Appreciated as Best Presentator in Final Evaluation UPP Chevron

Im giving my best for my dream, and I almost there. in 18 November 2015, Chevron called me to offer 2 Open Position, Planning Specialist or Drilling Site Manager, and would like to arrange a final interview with me in Jakarta. 24 November 2015, I was there, in Head office Chevron Indonesia, already prepared the best for my final interview, But its rainy, and yes the interview didnt work very well.

I was waiting in days, in weeks, in a month from 24 November-24 December with afraidness. But theres no answer. and until, one day, one of  my trusted collegue tell me that I am failed. I am frustrated, brokenhearted, feels like my life was over. The dream from 4 years ago is gone! after giving my best, after giving all the things..

3 Jan 2016, he came to me, and said, you will get the second chance. I am so excited, really! then I wake up to prepare again, prepare my very best. But then 1 week, news coming that said Oil price is getting lower & thats means Oil & Gas Company will stop the recruitment for a while, include Chevron. It makes more pain for me.

My parents came to me and said you need to wake up & try another opprtunity. So, I was trying to explore any job vacancy in Jakarta. After 2 weeks, one of my collegua recommend me to eCommerce company. I was interviewed by ex-Consultants of AT kearney & Accenture. that was really hard & awesome, and thanks God I passed. So, I start my first job in aCommerce Indonesia as Project Manager.

1 month, 2 month, 3 months , I still hope for Chevron but the oil price condition getting worse. and after 3 months, I knew that i cant be like this anytime, didnt focus on my job because of Chevron. So, I decided to move on. Im giving my best in my current job as PM. learn a lot about supply chain, digital marketing, and website development. and thats wow! awesome! I start to love my job.

I did very well. Some of my clients appreciated my work. I also trusted for handling bigger project with Zalora, Blibli, Hewlett Packard, Frisian Flag. that was so challengefull for me and I like that!

In November 2016, I get 2 offerings from my previous client to work in their company. surprisingly, one is energy company which works in geothermal services and the other one is digital company (Home Tester Club, my current company). I have 2 weeks for considering these jobs offering, and the first time I was thinking to choose the energy company, because I want to continue the dream again in oil & gas industry. But, after pray on my knees, I decide to continue what already sharpened me until this time & leave my past/ ambition to be in energy industry, taking a risk in start up company, explore the new world and reaching my future dream as digital consultant & entrepreneur.

I know many challenges & uncertainty in the future, But I Know I have a God, a Father that always there for me, to give a beautiful plan on my life.


Yeremia 29:11

For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord, plans for welfare[a] and not for evil, to give you a future and a hope.






The essence to be Christian is to love

In here, I would like to bring a perspective, not a paradigm, or even religion rules as i am not a pastor or someone like that. But, I am trying to share as max as i can along my 23 years journey of being Christian  with some additional experience for serving My Father as Chief of Rohkris SMAN 21, Winner of Sermon Contest in Jakarta Area, Worship Leader, Song Writer of MenghidupiMu dihidupku. (I know, 95% of you wont believe on that, since everyone who see me always said that im such a bad person LOL)

Anyway, I am Christian, and what makes me proud to be christian is because I love & believe what Jesus teach to the world. If bible can be summarized, I believe its all about Love. what kind of love?

  • love your God with all your heart and strength
  • love other like your self
  • love your enemies and pray for them
  • love your job

and He is the God that not only teach us but also inspire us, he prove his unconditional love for us with

  • came to the world
  • Healed all who sicks and brokenheart
  • Forgive that hurt him
  • Died for people

thats why I believe in Him

do you think love is easy? prove it when you

  • betrayed
  • rejected
  • judged
  • leaved

Hope the world surrounded by love

Happy Sunday







A Letter from a Blessed One to aFamilia

Tear fall down when I read this letter again..


15 Jan 2016

Hey aTeam,

I would like to say a thousand thanks for this 1 Year journey with you all. Remembering the first time on earlier feb 2015 once I walk into this company,  I was nothing, an engineering graduate with very little  experience jump to ecommerce Industry, facing a great changes in my life.  But with you all I enjoy all of the process that sharped me until this time, from no one to someone, from failure to a better result, from zero to hero,full of precious memories!  And now, let me also make this moment to dedicate my heartfelt thanks for you, My inspirations

The True Leaders

Paul : really adore how you influence & encourage us to believe in aCom vision & value. I know it will be come true.

Pak Hadi :  your support, your communication & negotiation skills, your fun & young soul, your strategy, your knowledge & experience will never stop to amaze me  J

“a Man Behind the Gun” Team

Mas Far : A great mentor, father, brother, & boss.  I cant be at this level without you.  Thank You, Thank You, Thank You  Mas

Sasha : We’re not done in here, don’t forget our promise on next 5 years ya . *a special hug for you*

Cakra : I hope can be your colllegue in your work university, life university,  and also real university hahaha. Please , My Cv Hahaaha

Rossy : “Mount Everest, you have defeated me once and you might defeat me again. But I’m coming back again and again and I’m going to win because you can’t get any bigger, and I can.” Hope you love the recipe

Sherlyn : do you agree the beautiful song will be perfect with beautiful voice, face, and heart ? J its should be you

Edu : If your client annoyed you, just cook them ahhaha

Kak Roro : believe you can change the world, but first with LOL

Adit : stay being an open book ya bro, Ops need you

William : Until now, im still kepoh of what you do LOL

Rifki : bring haidar to the outing ya haha

Yekni : with you , the office  feel so peace. Hope the terrorist gone

Kenneth : play the music with the coffee bray.

Rei : My Junior in High school, keep pace with your confidence

Amel : remember what we talked of “the best entrepreneur is coming from the engineer”. Its proof, but sometimes its not hahaah Ganbatte

Amal : Steve Jobs is alive!!!

Dendi : Politics always be an interesting topic for us ya haha

 Sohib Poreper

we laugh for the past, we talk for now & future”

Angga: Now,  I know how hard to be you genk..LOL

Danu : I don’t know what will  happen if you were not come on that night. Maybe the world will find me on chicken coop LOL.

Tyas : Curhatan kita belom kelar ..

Mbak Ari : “ Ikhlas ya des..” You are right Mbak, this word is so powerfull

 The Power Rangers

Om Abe, Kak Seti, Tante Yeni, Bang Nana : such a super experience met new clients & having projects with you. Keep Unite & Awesome

Bunda : Thanks for allowing me to explore, do trial, & mistakes in ops J stay healthy & happy

Mas Yanu : Combination of  Young, Funny, Multi talent, Smart, Handsome! ya beda tipis lah ama gw LOL

Adit, Ferdi, Adang, : Friendly Funny Leaders, Saya Cabut ya Boosssssss…

 My Partner in Crime

Mbak Mayang : Full of commitment, dedication, support, & Jokes. You are awesome.

Ops Spv (Pak One, Ray, Juli, Sofyan, Heri, Nana) : Thanks brooh for making all of the shit done 😛 

CSA Team : great partners ever..Novi, Muti, Ega, Mardi, Mbak Elka, Renny, never forget this ya “Just try it, Just do it”

Halim Team : Mbak ester, mbak lina, mbak ovel, mas hardut, andong, Nadia, Mas Dimas, Pardjo, Putri, Bombom,  Yo,  IT team, Outbound, Inbound, Dispatch, Riders Thank you, Thank You..your warm acceptance makes my day in halim really awesome

HO Team : SEO, Design,  SEM, Channel Management, PR, HR& GA,  Tech team  Thanks, you can be bigger & stronger

Thailand Team : Bruno, Nan, Thun, Jack, etc , Thanks for every discussion & support. It helps me so much.

 Also, Im sorry for what ive done when I don’t know anything. Any mistakes, failures, hurting words, just keep this as learning memories on our notes life. As Now, the next journey will come,  saying goodbye is really hard by this time, but I know friendship, family, precious moments will allways stay in our hearts. Lets keep on touch on +6283896342029 or destyrama@gmail.com

 Love You, All!

 “Sometimes life hits you in the head with a brick. Don’t lose faith. I’m convinced that the only thing that kept me going was that I loved what I did. You’ve got to find what you love. And that is as true for your work as it is for your lovers. Your work is going to fill a large part of your life, and the only way to be truly satisfied is to do what you believe is great work. And the only way to do great work is to love what you do.’ –Steve Jobs-


Desty Rama Rumondang
Proud Alumnae & Ex- Project Manager of aCommerce Indonesia